Madison, WI, June 15th, 2023 – Meta Arts Museum is proud to announce that it will become the permanent home for the largest private collection of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection, solidifying its position as a premier destination for digital art enthusiasts. This extraordinary collaboration signifies a groundbreaking milestone in the fusion of art and technology, as Meta Arts Museum continues to champion the innovative potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Romero Britto, an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for his vibrant and exuberant style, has embraced the digital medium with the DCB World NFT Collection. With this collection, Britto has seamlessly merged his signature artistic expression with blockchain technology, creating awe-inspiring digital artworks that push the boundaries of creativity and authenticity.

The decision to permanently display the best of Romero Britto’s NFT Collection at Meta Arts Museum (@MetaArtsMuseum) speaks volumes about the institution’s commitment to preserving and showcasing the evolution of art in the digital age. The collection will offer visitors an immersive and transformative experience, exploring the profound impact of NFTs on the art world.

“We are honored and thrilled to house the permanent display of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection at Meta Arts Museum,” said Ann Neste, museum spokesperson. “This collection represents a pivotal moment in the art world, where traditional and digital mediums converge, and NFTs have become a vehicle for artistic expression. Britto’s masterpieces embody the spirit of innovation and creativity, and we are excited to share them with art enthusiasts for generations to come.”

By hosting the largest private collection of Romero Britto’s x DCB World NFT Collection permanently, Meta Arts Museum cements its role as a cultural hub and a platform for groundbreaking digital art exhibitions. The museum continues to explore new frontiers in the digital art landscape, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary artistic practices.

Meta Arts Museum invites art lovers, collectors, and the general public to embark on an extraordinary journey through the metaverse, experiencing the vibrant and captivating Romero Britto’s NFTs. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the opening date and instructions on how to access the virtual exhibition.

For more information about Meta Arts Museum and updates on the Romero Britto NFT x DCB World Collection in the metaverse, please visit To explore and acquire pieces from the collection, visit or OpenSea. Stay connected with the museum and DCB World on social media for the latest news, virtual events, and exclusive content.

About Meta Arts Museum:

Meta Arts Museum (@MetaArtsMuseum) is a pioneering nonprofit online community dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and technology. Located in the metaverse, the museum pushes the boundaries of traditional art spaces and provides a dynamic platform for showcasing digital art. By embracing emerging technologies and virtual experiences, Meta Arts Museum redefines the way audiences engage with and perceive art in the digital age.

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